Monitoring your competitors and the current state of your industry is a crucial aspect of running any company. In the past, this information has been referred to as “market intelligence.” In recent years, the process of collecting market information has grown and now includes analysis and analysis that can help you improve your business plan and projections. Market data can help you analyze the market more and manage an efficient business.

Market intelligence is what it sounds like?

In the simplest sense market intelligence is the use of numerous sources of information to provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s current market. It analyzes the customers of a company, problems, competition, and potential for making fresh products and products and.

You can gather market intelligence by reviewing sales data, customer records survey data and taking a look at the social media analytics.

Saul Dobney, CEO of the research consulting firm Saul Dobney, CEO of, says it’s simple for small-sized businesses to begin by using a common sense approach.

“It can be as simple as visiting your competitors’ websites or stores, finding published information about the number and type of potential customers, [and] keeping up to date with developments in your area from magazines, journals or business associations,” Dobney said.

“It also includes checking for customer comments and feedback online that will help the business improve its offer or service.”

The term “market intelligence” is frequently confused with business intelligence however, they’re not the identical. Business intelligence refers to information and details specifically pertaining to your company, whereas market intelligence is focused on the entire market.

In general business intelligence is an internal report of company performance. It includes details such as the number of products were sold as well as the total amount of sales in a given month and other transactions that occur within a company.

Market intelligence, on the other hand, concentrates on external data such as demographics of customers and geographic data and the products they purchase. It also examines the market to determine where your company is positioned relative to the markets. This can help in the assessment of your business’s intelligence.

Market intelligence also examines the developments in the marketplace, something that business intelligence doesn’t even consider.

What are the ways companies can use market intelligence?

Effective market intelligence addresses concrete concerns about the current and future customer and competitor, and helps the company establish its internal objectives. Market intelligence is able to be able to answer include:

What areas should the company invest additional resources?

Which markets should it attempt to get into in the near future?

What are the patterns of buying of our most loyal customers? ?

What products can be cross-marketed to existing customers?

What demographics can the company promote its to market its new and already existing products?

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence allows businesses to analyze the general conditions they operate within. It helps them identify possible risks and find emerging avenues for growth. The majority of companies achieve this by taking a look at four distinct parameters.

Competitor intelligence

Competitor intelligence entails collecting and analysing information about your competition. Examining the strengths and weaknesses will help you discover valuable information regarding your business and the reasons why consumers do not always prefer you over your product and service.

Product intelligence

Product intelligence involves looking at whether you are providing a quality product as well as service. If you’re selling physical product that requires reviewing your manufacturing processes and whether you’re creating the product in the most efficient way possible. The information you get will help to increase the quality that you can offer your product.

Market understanding

Market understanding can help you gain an idea for the various markets in which it is possible to sell your product or offering. It gives you an understanding for the performance of your business in these markets and what other markets that you can expand your business to.

Customer understanding

Understanding customer needs involves finding out more about your customers and why they purchase from you. It will also help you to understand the challenges you face with these customers, thereby increasing satisfaction and retention rates of your customers. The data you collect can also help you with future marketing campaigns.

How can you gather market intelligence?

Although there’s no standard method for the way companies gather market information, many companies use it by conducting various types of analysis at a high level. Let’s examine four different methods you can employ to gather marketing information.

Your existing customers

Ajith Sankaran is the senior vice head of market intelligence for Blueocean Market Intelligence, said companies frequently forget that their customers could be a source of information.

“Small businesses can set up processes to maintain customer lists and some kind of customer feedback program to collect customer intelligence in an effective and largely inexpensive manner.”

Sales reps are also well-positioned to help with market research. Because sales representatives communicate with potential customers and customers frequently they are able to provide further information on trends in the industry. Utilizing a CRM is usually the most effective way for an organization to present the information about customers in one spot.

Analytics on websites

Dobney also suggested using data that you already have access, such as your e-commerce analytics.

“You can look at the customer journey through the website,” he added.

“How many people arrive and where from? What is their next step after arriving? How many get through to the basket? How many check out? Looking for patterns and then testing different content, taglines, signposts and offers uses market intelligence to improve the offer.”

Engage a professional

If your business is big enough, you might be able hire an analyst in market intelligence. As an expert, they can provide a more complete analysis about the marketplace.

They’ll accomplish this by talking to distributors, manufacturers, customers, and others involved in the production and distribution of the company’s products. This kind of conversation together with hard information and market research, make up the bulk of a company’s marketing intelligence.

After this data is processed by businesses, they can utilize it to make critical decisions, including determining the market’s potential and developing metrics for market development.

Don’t overlook market intelligence

Market intelligence can provide better insights into your industry and help to identify new avenues for expansion. However, it’s only helpful when the information you get is reliable.

Unfortunately, keeping up-to-date with market information can be a time-consuming task for small businesses. There are numerous online tools that can help you collect, analyze and keep track of your market data.

Some of the most popular options for software for businesses in need of an enterprise intelligence system are Pentaho and Sisense. Additionally, cloud-based services like Oracle and Birst are able to help to communicate business information across groups.

While a single person is able to handle most of the tasks in market research for small businesses but as your business expands, you could face challenges spending enough time on intelligence. As the volume of information grows, it could be necessary to utilize statistical tools and advanced technology to manage and modify the info, Dobney said.

If you’re not prepared to master a program or employ an internal analyst, a third-party expert could be able to help you get the most value from your market research. This way, you will know the current market conditions and maximize the opportunities that are available to your company.


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