The majority of millionaires today were not born to their wealth as research proves.

A study in 2019 released by Wealth-X revealed that about 68% of people with a an income of more than $30 million created it by themselves.

How Do Millionaires Become Wealthy

Additionally, a follow-up investigation by Fidelity Investments found that 88% of millionaires are self-made. This means they didn’t inherit their wealth.

According to the Fidelity study also found that the top assets sources included capital appreciation/investments, compensation and employee profit sharing and stock options. This is a distinct distinction when compared to those who inherit their wealth and tend to highlight entrepreneurialism and real estate investment appreciation and inheritance itself as assets sources.

For self-made millionaires the process of gaining wealth isn’t necessarily a straightforward process. most of them put in the effort to get to the level of financial success they achieved, and then had the expertise and know-how and put their wealth where it was needed. What do some self-made millionaires have in common and what could you draw from them for your individual investment strategy?

What characteristics do millionaires share?

The Fidelity study’s results revealed that millionaires may have different methods to earn money, they tend to have the same traits:

They set lofty goals and take action upon their goals. Self-made millionaires translate their plans and goals in action whether setting up a business or fulfilling other personal or professional goals. This drive is a common motivation for many who earned their fortunes without inheritance.

There are mentors. Many self-made millionaires are quick admit that they do not have everything they need to succeed. They turn to other people who are knowledgeable about the insides and outs of various types of saving and investing and tap into the top minds on every subject for insight and understanding. It certainly pays off.

They are looking for feedback. For a self-made millionaire, self-improvement never stops. Self-made millionaires are always looking for feedback and feedback on their plans and their business practices, so that they’re able to spot the blind spots and assure that their businesses will succeed.

They’re not afraid of failing. Millionaires are aware of the advantages of learning from failure. But the risks they face are meticulously thought out and every scenario is carefully planned. Once they have committed on something they commit all they have.

They know the value of time. It is money that you spend, and Millionaires are aware of this also. They swiftly learn they can manage their time and they realize there’s no reason to exchange their time for money.

What do Millionaires do with their wealth?

When it comes to investing strategies Self-made millionaires are more likely to invest in equity investments, whereas individuals who had been born wealthy generally had more real property investments, as per the study. Diversifying their investments is a key factor for millionaires.

Millionaires invest their money in various locations, such as their main home, mutual funds, shares and retirement funds. Millionaires are focused on putting their money where it’s likely to increase. They make sure to not put large sums of money into things that are likely to depreciate. For instance, a car for regular use, for example, will most likely depreciate in time.

The main thing for millions of people will be to save money before investing it. Whatever their annual earnings might be, the majority of millionaires invest their money in a place where it can expand, most often through bonds, stocks and other stable investments.

Self-made Millionaires: Examples

According to the Wealth-X study mentioned prior to this article in 2018, as of just more than 265,000 people are classified as ultra-wealthy. This means they have an income of at least $30 million. Furthermore, over two-thirds of the people are self-made. Three famous examples:

Barbara Corcoran: The real estate mogul and Shark Tank investor started her famous brokerage by taking out a loan of just $1,000. Under her guidance, she built the business to become a multi-million-dollar empire, which she later was able to sell for $66 million in 2001.
Janice Bryant-Howroyd. She is the director and chief executive officer of ActOne Group started her staffing agency with just $1500 ($900 that she got from her mom) and the fax machine and telephone. She is now among the highest-paid self-made Black women millionaires in the U.S., with an estimated total worth of $285 million.

Warren Buffet. One of the most well-known and wealthiest people on earth and a billionaire in the world. and legally a billionaire and not a millionaire but Warren Buffett still merits a inclusion on this list since Warren Buffett is famous for being a self-made. He is the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO has made his first million by managing hedge funds and is well-known for his uncompromising and prudent method of investing.

What is the best way to make a millionaire?

The Fidelity study found that when they were considering their financial future 30% of millionaires who were surveyed said that they were worried about protecting their wealth, while 20% were looking to grow their fortune. This is the foundation of some basic strategies to follow if you’re trying to make it into the ranks of millionaires.

“Today’s millionaires are multidimensional, and to really understand them, you need to look not only at their outlook but also at their path to wealth and their financial goals for the future,” Sanjiv Mirchandani the president of National Financial, a Fidelity Investments company.

Millionaires offer a variety of paths for building wealth. Here are some that you can take from them:

Make investments in various places and ways

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your investments can help you reduce risk by making sure that your funds are safe from being at risk if a particular investment fails.

Multiple sources of revenue

A lot of self-made millionaires earn money coming in from various sources such as their salary as well as dividends earned from investments, earnings from rentals of properties, and investments they have made in other businesses for a handful of examples. If one stream of income decreases, there’s a second that could take its place. The majority of this is known as passive income, which is the term used to describe money earning without spending any time and effort to run the business.

Save, save, save

The most common advice you hear from millionaires who are self-made is to keep the money they have. Place your money into savings accounts that allow it to be stored and gain interest in the future (even when interest rates are lower than they used be).


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