“Creativity” and “innovation” are two terms which are frequently used during discussions, corporate meetings and corporate mission declarations. It’s not a secret that these qualities are highly sought-after in the modern, fast-paced workplace, but are the people who make use of these terms actually are aware of the distinction between the two?

One of the most human qualities creative thinking is evident in our capacity to tackle problems or problems using innovative ideas for solutions. particular to people and animals. Animals have no ability to convey complex ideas, and much of what they transmit is taken by the instinct of their own or by the example of.

Creative types

Arne Dietrich Associate Professor in Psychology and Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon carried out research on creativity, which classified it into four kinds that include: deliberate and emotional as well as deliberate and cognitive and emotional, as well as emotional and spontaneous and emotionally and spontaneous and cognitive.

The human mind are able to experience any of the four types of creative thinking. Particularly for professionals in the field of knowledge, such as lawyers, researchers or doctors that are deliberate and creative thinking can manifest in the workplace and in the workplace, however spontaneity and emotional creativity could manifest its self during an artistic endeavor.

Decent and cognitive creativity rely on focused attention and established connections between the information stored within the brain and depend upon the prefrontal cortex and emotional and spontaneous creative abilities originate out of the amygdala.

What is an innovation?

Hunter adds an own interpretation of the term also: most evident by way of an instrument, physical benefit or aid that solves the problem or gives an advantage. They are not restricted to humans. for instance, as per the Science Times birds and monkeys make use of sticks to extract food of tight places. Thus, innovation is more possible for diverse species in different circumstances and conditions.

Innovations in the form of

Doblin is a leading global innovation company that assists top businesses find human-centric solutions to business problems and challenges, has developed Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation Framework to aid in identifying potential transformational opportunities, especially in the field of business. Based on research into more than 2000 innovations that have proven successful, Doblin outlined three broad categories which include Business model, product and marketing.

Business model Specific to internal operations; These innovations in configuration analyze the way an organization functions and generates revenue. They can pose a higher risk since they often alter fundamental decisions that determine the foundation of businesses. Innovations in business models are ideal when the owners and operators spot oversaturated markets with low customer satisfaction, or obsolete technology.

Product: Almost every time, product innovation can make products superior in some way or represent the development of a completely new product. It’s the most well-known type of innovation. Famous examples include phones, fidget spinners wireless headphones, the foot-massaging insoles.

Marketing: Marketing innovations create new markets, or boosts the market share of existing ones. Marketing innovations can not only provide a different method of interacting with people and consumers, but it is also just as easy as advertising any existing product for another purpose than the one originally planned.

What is different between innovation and creativity?

Innovation and Creativity, although closely related in a creative process, aren’t the identical. It’s not measurable and is subjective, whereas innovation which at its most fundamental level, which means innovation is the process of creating something entirely new, whether it is a new product or idea, or even a method.

What is the reason why the concepts of innovation and creativity so important?

If an idea becomes possible the idea is likely to be a much easier task for more people to accomplish. Innovation is the process that is the initial step one to realize that something could be possible at all. However, innovation is the process of putting ideas into real-world reality, despite difficulties and resistance, and not just pondering. Both are vital in the business world however only one of them can result in real income and profit.

Business executives frequently use the terms their ideas of creativity and innovation, but they do not know what distinguishes them.

“Creativity isn’t necessarily innovation,” Hunter stated to observed that many leaders focus on generating innovation on demand rather than just creating innovative products or procedures and interaction.

An excellent example of ingenuity that was featured in CNBC by Karen Gilchrist was Sergey Petrossov. He recognized a demand for an application that could connect people who aren’t using luxury jets with people who want to share travel with each others. The pieces of this market were in place however It was Petrossov who created the bridge between both of them using software that led to the creation of a new business, JetSmarter.

The the process can be replicated and adaptable; an innovative person isn’t. Petrossov was the only one in his ability to identify what was required to establish the market for a new product, but his software was reproducible by other programmers after he wrote. When leaders are aware of the distinction between innovation and creativity, they can be able to inspire both their team members and developing the right culture to support these ideals.

It is crucial to have creativity and the importance of innovation in the business world

Creativity and innovation are key to a company’s growth and general success by meeting the unique requirements of markets, distinguishing companies from their competitors and developing a brand’s identity in line with consumer demands and requirements change. Innovation and innovation help keep the company’s culture dynamic.

How do you cultivate imagination and creativity?

A large part of the problem is finding ways to get people to think and think of new possibilities of what is possible. Creativity is usually linked to the arts and culture, however it’s not necessarily required in order to create Leonardo da Vinci; what is important is that someone is open to imagining the possibilities of a different world that isn’t in the norms.

This is the point where an idea that can be implemented begins. Think about crowdsourcing ideas to create additional possibilities. The most difficult part, naturally is taking that fantastic idea and making it an actual or technical prototype.

Hunter mentioned the origins of Starbucks popular Frappuccino drink to illustrate how give their employees some flexibility for creative thinking allows them to grow into new ideas. In the 1990s, employees at the Santa Monica, California Starbucks came up with a new drink and demanded an executive to present the product to headquarters, however it was rejected. In the following years, the same shop came up with a new drink (the Frappuccino), and the executive asked staff to create the drink in a quiet manner and offer it as a drink for local patrons. The drink quickly became popular, and the management group took the innovative idea to the corporate level after its effectiveness was established.

What is the definition of creativity and the concept of innovation in the field of entrepreneurship?

In simple terms both of these elements are about shaking the boat the norm: The standard isn’t adequate and so how can we make it possible, and can we achieve it? Entrepreneurship is based on creating and ingenuity to create distinctive opportunities and disrupting markets and the creation of new income streams. The internet would never be possible if scientists accepted for telephone lines and satellites to be sufficient for communications. We can’t imagine surviving without internet access to every aspect of our lives. It required the imagination and creativity to make this possible.


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